2016 02 05 AQP basket strainers

Dear customers, with a great pleasure we would like to introduce you our newest product the AQP series multicolor strainers made of unique PP+EVA material. These durable plastics contain resistance to the heat and UV impact. The colorful parts of a strainer are containing its color in an entire depth, meaning that chemical compounds of the sink cleaners may not damage the strainer. As well as during the maintenance and cleaning of the sink itself no further mechanical impact will be rendered either on sink or its strainer. These strainers are combined for installation into sink bowl with an overflow head grid. In case of installation into a sink bowl without an overflow head grid, the flexible hose and its’ strainer mustn’t be connected together and strainer’s overflow hole must be closed when twisting a plug provided with the strainer in a set.
AQP strainers is a supplement to a kitchen sink which may be purchased apart from a standard set of kitchen sink and its’ chrome strainer. If you are looking for something more than a regular chrome strainer, these multicolor AQP series strainers will satisfy your need and will award you kitchen sink with even more modern sense of style. The strainers are being provided by Aquasanita in 5 colors matching our granite kitchen sinks color range. For more information click HERE