2018 06 01 Sinks

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TESA line offers the latest kitchen trends in contemporary kitchen design.  The sink with sharp edges and clean lines will strengthen the feeling of your modern life. Durable Silicsana + granite material will bring superior resistance and give the choice of the most frequently used granite colors in kitchen interiors.

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Stainless steel is a material widely used in the production of kitchen sinks. Sinks made of stainless steel conform to the high quality and hygiene standards. This material rewards the sink with a long-lasting durability and continiously brush finish.

Today, Aquasanita introduces two new series of stainless steel sinks: AIRA and DERA. 1 mm thickened, corrosion-resistant AISI304 stainless steel was is being for the production of the sinks. The manufacturing processes by welding the sheets of stainless steel. Therefore, the thickness of the sink contains uniform on a surface of the sinks a a whole and great product life expectancty is being reached.

The  sinks differ with a rectangular shape adjusted with square strainer and overflow cap. These design elements gives an ellegant  and solid glance to the desing of the sink. The 200 mm depht bowl advance the with additional comfort.

The AIRA Series Sinks are designed to be both undermount or droped in the countertop. Though DERA Sinks can be installed on and under the counter top or droped in it.

The sinks are available in the colours of standard stainless steel or graphite. To obtaion the graphite colour the sinks are being covered with PVD method, which is widely used in the industry of stainless steel. The Physical Vapour Deposition is an environmental friendly vacuum coating technilogy. The process takes place in a high-vacuum PVD container, during which the elements of different metals are being included in the surface of stainless steel. This way the thin and firm 1-3 μm layer (PVD) appears and the products gets an extra resistance to the impact, 3 times greater comparing to the plain stainless steel.

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The sinks are made of the highest-quality materials and are extremely robust and durable. They are easy to install; the client may order a suitable stainless steel or AQP valve matching each sink.  Classical design and vast selection of colours allows you to match ARCA sinks to any interior of the kitchen.   

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In order to protect your sink from hot pots, pans and other culinary equipment, we suggest purchasing a silicone mat together with your sink. Even though our granite sink surfaces are built to withstand temperatures of up to 280 °C, we would like to note that pots and pans can get even hotter than that, so never place them directly in the sink. We recommend leaving them to cool on a special-purpose silicon mat first. For more informacion click HERE

Available from November 2015. 

Our new LIRA line offers sinks that exude modern elegance. They are designed with gently rounded edges, adding a touch of softness to both the classical and modern kitchen interior. With their wide and deep bowls, LIRA sinks offer additional convenience in your daily chores. For more information click HERE

Available from September 2015. 

The unique beauty of the glass and natural stone will turn your kitchen into an aesthetically pleasing one-of-a-kind space. The DELICIA PLUS sink uses a 10 mm thick sheet of tempered glass that maintains its shape and chemical properties as well as being easy to clean with regular domestic cleaning agents. For more information click HERE 

Available from January 2015.